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All of them have at least one talent at which they are virtually perfect at and each member is, more or less, a formidable if not downright fearsome fighter in their own right. While all of them have amazing strength in one way or another, four of them have astonishingly inhuman strength: the captain , the swordsman , and the chef (dubbed by some members of the crew as the "Monster Trio") as well as the helmsman , who is a fishman , a race that has been stated to be physically stronger than humans as well as a former member of the Shichibukai.

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Jack could be extremely serious on occasion, such as after shooting Barbossa on Isla de Muerta , or when he saw the Kraken 's corpse lying on the beach. He was shown to be quite serious when he witnessed Davy Jones stabbing Will Turner in the heart. Jack even expressed grief for Barbossa's second death, despite their troubled history. Jack's seemingly-perpetual drunkenness may have been the cause of his slurred speech.

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Later, Jack Sparrow had Angelica tied up aboard a row boat as he took her to Sola Fide Beach. Even though her own life was saved, Angelica told Jack that she hated him because he had her taking years from Blackbeard , her own father. Jack told Angelica that he helped Blackbeard do what any father should do in that situation. Upon arriving to the desert island, Jack threw Angelica a pistol with one shot. Angelica desperately tried to convince Jack not to leave her there by first trying to get him to admit that he still loved her, then telling him about a treasure with jewels and that she was pregnant with his child. Jack refused all those claims, believing them to be lies.

In the game, Legend of the Rainbow Island , a boy named Dias joins the crew. At the end of the game, however, he leaves the crew. His overall inclusion in the crew's history is considered non-canon, as it is part of a video game.

As he prepared to set sail, the monkey climbed onto his shoulder as Sparrow looked surprised at first but quickly changed his expression and accepted the monkey back. With the sea tamed, Jack had the Pearl set sail towards his beloved horizon. [9] His further fate is unknown.

Average in height and build, Jack Sparrow relied more on intelligence, agility, and quick wit to protect himself, rather than physical strength. He was seen as both the "worst" and "best" pirate, though he never went into a fight if he didn't have to, and always took a shortcut out of tough situations. Jack frequently outmaneuvered enemies with his words but when forced to fight he was still a formidable opponent. As long as his own precious hide was at risk, a man could ask for no better comrade in battle.

Wilmer Flores singled home the winning run in the 65th inning and the New York Mets stopped their seven-game losing streak Tuesday night, beating the Pittsburgh Pirates 9-8 hours after general manager Sandy Alderson stepped down because his cancer has.

Odubel Herrera and Andrew Knapp hit three-run homers, rookie Scott Kingery had a career-high four hits, and the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 67-6 on Friday night for their fifth straight victory.

Colin Moran hit his second grand slam of the season and Corey Dickerson and Elias Diaz also homered for the Pittsburgh Pirates, who held off the San Diego Padres 7-5 on Sunday to take two of three games.

Captain : Hector Barbossa
Hai Peng
Cotton Cotton's Parrot Tia Dalma Joshamee Gibbs Tai Huang Jack the Monkey
Marty Pintel Ragetti Elizabeth Swann Will Turner

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