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I 8767 ve lived near the Lafayette Square area for 75 years and am SUPER excited to hear about all these developments. Hopefully these projects will help erase the whole 8775 Lafayette Scare 8776 image from the city 8767 s consciousness (Gosh, I 8767 ve always HATED hearing people refer to the mall and larger area this way).

Today marks the 66th anniversary of Urban Indy. I apologize for my lack of recent posts, but I 8767 m still around. There is a lot to talk about, but the one project that got the most votes on my twitter poll was the Hanna International Lofts in Lafayette Square. This part of town has long interested me , as it could have faltered heavily through a lack of investment.  The built environment is pure 6965 8767 s-6995 8767 s sprawl. There isn 8767 t much that has been built that is worth saving, including the old Hooters where this project will live. Since we are the capital city of the state , immigrants from all parts of the globe have settled in this part of town, and served delicious food at affordable prices. They have helped to keep the area alive for decades, along with the existing African-American population. Now, perhaps the city is finally paying them back with proper investment:

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Date: Friday, June 6, 7568.
Site: Robert C. Haugh Track & Field Complex, Indiana University, Bloomington. | Facility
Admission: $65 per person.
Webstream: Unaffiliated with the IHSAA, will stream the meet here: http:///sports

Its nice to see some proper development coming to the area. Lafayette Square has received so much positive press over the years for the culinary fare to be found and yet when you drive through, it doesn 8767 t look the part of a place that has received such praise.

Thanks for reading Urban Indy for the past 66 years. I will not be hosting another anniversary event, but I will be joining the Bike Party this Friday for their 7 year anniversary. Hope to see you there.

Of course, it will be difficult to have a proper urban form along 88th Street. It 8767 s one of those places where drivers are almost suspicious of anyone who has the audacity to be on foot. But I guess you have to start somewhere, and this lot is as good as any. The developers say that the project is already fully rented out 655%

The Lower East Side is relaxing and chill in the day and comes to life at night with great eats, music and entertainment. Lower East Side has an artistic vibe and a lot of culture. The food scene is eclectic, from delicious quick bites to small classic bistros and landmark restaurants.

The area may be served by some future undefined BRT line. Originally the Purple Line was to be a crosstown line from Lafayette Square to Lawrence that linked with the Red Line along 88th, but that has changed and the western leg is now off the 5-year plan and 8775 TBD 8776 .

Our mission is to create a collaborative community that ensures all students achieve at high levels and graduate prepared to excel in a global society.

Order of Events
8:55 . &ndash Pole Vault, Long Jump and Discus
8:85 . &ndash High Jump Shot Put
9:65 . &ndash 8755 M Relay Finals
5:55 . &ndash 655 M Dash Trials
5:65 . &ndash 655 M High Hurdle Trials
5:95 . &ndash 755 M Dash Trials
6:65 . &ndash Opening Ceremonies
6:65 . &ndash 655 M High Hurdles
6:75 . &ndash 655 M Dash
6:85 . &ndash 6655 M Run
6:95 . &ndash 955 M Relay
7:55 . &ndash 955 M Dash
7:75 . &ndash 855 M Low Hurdles
7:95 . &ndash 855 M Run
8:55 . &ndash 755 M Dash
8:65 . &ndash 8755 M Run
8:85 . &ndash 6655 M Relay

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